Adventure Starts Here

A New Age Of Adventure

The Great Pirate Era

To Luffy, a pirate is a free person, an adventurer. And the King of Pirates is the freest person in all the seas and the greatest adventurer among them all.

Luffy gave us the fantasy that I will make into reality –

I will be the Pirate King in this world!

Join The Crew

Adventure is Calling.

Phase 1: Sailing the Lands

We’re setting out on land using Overlanding vehicles. We’ll sail the lands exploring the Americas. We’ve already been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but very little has been recorded. But now, for the first time, we’re live streaming!

We’ll live stream our entire adventure, every day!¬†Using we will broadcast our adventures on multiple platforms, so you can choose the platform you like the most.

And if you miss anything during the live stream, or our internet cuts out, you can view a higher resolution archive of our videos on YouTube.

Phase 1 Objectives:

1. Have fun adventuring.
2. Recruit more crew members.
3. Build up the Sunchaser reputation.
4. Raise funds to continue our journey.

Current Arc:

Watch our adventures live through Instagram stories and feed. Eventually, we will have the entire trip posted on Youtube. Livestreaming IRL is proving to be a technical challenge still, so until we have it figured out, enjoy Instagram.

Videos Coming Soon…

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