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Sunchaser Wanted Poster 2023

We are Nadim & Diya!

We are on a mission to travel the world. We created this website to share our passion for travel and adventure with the world. It’s our travel journey documented and persevered for us to reflect upon as we live our lives. And if our experiences can help others on their journeys, then all the better.

To help fund our travels and adventures, we hope to sell digital stickers that people can use however they like as it includes a commercial license. The website and brand, Sunchaser World, is a DBA of our small family company, Merits Business Advisory, Inc. (MBA, Inc.), a Colorado, USA registered company. We offer various services including Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, and Web Design and Development, but that is currently beyond the scope of this website.

We hope you find our travels and adventures entertaining and informative. And if you are able to support our dreams, we thank you with all our hearts.


Thank you for visiting!

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